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See how we've turned 5-figure ad spends into 6-figure revenue streams.

Watch the case studies below for detailed strategy walkthroughs.

“Lukas is incredible. Hands down one of the best FB ad strategist and consultants I've had the pleasure to work with.”

Quan Nguyen, Chief Marketing Officer - Say Global Inc.



Dear Business Leader,

Kudos to you.

All those late nights working on your venture? I see you.

Your amazing product or service that you've put so much love into? Absolutely on point.

And that vision you have for the future? Spot on.

But when it comes to driving up those leads, signups, and sales?

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

You, and countless ambitious founders, are in the sinking boat.

Isn’t it downright frustrating?

You've got this great thing to sell, but where are the customers? 

You’ve tried figuring out ads, designs, and all those “surefire” strategies, but it feels like a wild guessing game. 

The labyrinth of ad tech, design choices, and "foolproof" strategies feels like you've stepped into a maze blindfolded.

But Here's the Game-Changer: 

Expertise wins over guesswork every.single.time. 

And that’s exactly what we bring to your table.

Watch the video below for a preview of how our expertise can help.



Picture this:

  • Your ads, not only working but working wonders, driving you not just clicks but real, paying customers.

  • Waking up to a predictable and scalable flow of leads or sales, knowing that every dollar you spend is bringing in multiple dollars back.

  • Handing over the complexities of ads to a trusted team (who have spearheaded international, multilingual campaigns across major ad platforms in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and beyond). This frees you up to invest your invaluable time in what truly drives you: growing your business.

Lukas has been able to quickly set-up the campaigns, running tests, and optimization showing results beyond expectations. ROAS targets were met at speed and Lukas proactively adapts the campaigns and sharing detailed reports on a regular basis.”

Lucien Martin, Co-Founder - SmartBeer



We've seen it all.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of advertising. 

The businesses stuck in the rut of low-performing ads, pouring money into campaigns that bring frustration instead of sales. 

The businesses that want to start but feel overwhelmed.

And the ambitious few who are seeing good results but are struggling to take it to the next level.

Whether you're:

  • New to the world of advertising, looking for that scalable channel that pours in leads like water from a tap...

  • Dabbling in ads, feeling overwhelmed, unsure about the tech, design, or strategy...

  • Frustrated with underperforming ads, knowing you could get so much more but feeling stuck...

  • (Or even if you're getting decent results but want to finally take them to the next level)...

We've got you.

Here's The Good News:

For every problem you face in the ad world?

We have not one, but multiple solutions.

We've turned businesses around, saved them 80% of their ad spend, and 5X'd their ROI. 

And we can do it for you.

See how our strategies drive conversions, not just clicks.

Watch the case studies below for detailed strategy walkthroughs.

5082 Software Trials

We reveal the exact strategy we've used to drive 5,082 trials at just $7 per trial for a B2B software product. See the strategy, designs, campaign setup, and optimization techniques.

1000% Return On Ad Spend

Discover how we drove a 600-1000% return on ad spend for an eCommerce client. Learn how we've reached their niche target audience and what optimisations we used to convert them into sales.



Now, if you're thinking, “Who's the ‘we’ here?”

Hi, I'm Lukas Holschuh. As the lead consultant, I spearhead a tight-knit team of experts, comprising a designer, copywriter, and a dedicated media buyer. 

My work has earned expert-vetted and top-rated plus badges on Upwork, and lots of 5-star reviews and case studies.

Over the past half-decade, I’ve been on the front lines of advertising.

I've witnessed firsthand how the right or wrong ad can completely change a business's fate.

I've worked out - by running thousands of ads - which advertising strategies work on Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Ads, and more – so you don't have to.

Lukas was an amazing Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager, providing detailed reports and excellent advice, all the while optimizing us through several successful campaigns.”

Alex Moss, Owner - Tactical Arbitrage

Here’s How We Supercharge Your Ads

Strategy Consultation Call & Audit

Before all else, we sit down and chat. We get to know your needs, ambitions, and what keeps you up at night. We review your ad strategy and provide actionable advice.

Complete Campaign Management

We're hands-on from start to finish. This includes crafting compelling copy, designing standout ads, and directly managing your ad campaigns. We're always testing and refining for peak performance, ensuring progress without any oversight needed from you.

Trial Period

We're confident you'll see better results with our expertise. And to prove it, we’re offering a 2 month trial period to get you started. It usually takes just a few days to see results rolling in with a positive ROI.

Relentless Optimization

Our work is never “set and forget.” We're constantly monitoring, testing, and tweaking – from audience selection to ad creatives and even optimizing your conversion funnel. When we find a winning combo, we scale it up to maximize your results.

Transparent Reporting

Each month, you're in the know. We break down campaign performance and our progress, focusing on the key metrics, like conversions and cost per lead, that truly drive your business goals.

See how we've turned 5-figure ad spends into 6-figure revenue streams.

Watch the case studies below for detailed strategy walkthroughs.

$115k Revenue in 1.5 Months

Walk through the strategy we've used to scale an eLearning course from launch to $115k in sales. We delve into the campaign's ad designs, split testing, and audience targeting that propelled this success.

£107k Revenue at 618% ROAS

Learn the winning strategy that turned £17k in ad spend into a £107k jackpot. We'll reveal the exact strategies and optimizations that led to these outstanding numbers and how you can apply them to your own business.



Why Entrust Your Brand to Us?

The bling on my profile – expert-vetted badges, a barrage of 5-star reviews, and success sagas from various B2C and B2B niches – isn’t just for show.

Our True North:

We’re not just about cracking ads. We’re about tangible, wallet-felt results.

We’re about implementing a predictable, scalable method to get your ads performing at their best, whether you're in software, eCommerce, eLearning, or ANY other industry. 

We are all about YOU saving time, preserving your energy, and finally experiencing peace of mind.

No more sleepless nights worrying about wasted budgets.

No more hours spent trying to crack the ad code.

Let us handle it and be the long-term partner you need in your growth journey.

“Lukas and his team have been a massive help managing paid social media campaigns for many of our clients. [...] performance has improved drastically also. Thank you!”

Lachlan Davis, Senior Digital Account Manager - MMR Creative



Still Here? You Have 4 Options:

Option 1: Go It Alone - The Uncertain Path

Sure, you might feel a sense of autonomy without external interference.

But consider the cons:

Navigating the ad world without a guide can be overwhelming. Mistakes can be costly, and the trial and error could exhaust your budget and patience.

Not to mention the fact that you’re busy, you have a business to run.

You certainly have better things to do than spending the next 5 years on trial and error and wasted ad spend to figure out how media buying, design, and copywriting work.

Do you really want to gamble with your business's future?

Option 2: The In-House Route - Costly Commitments

On the surface, having an in-house team seems ideal. Direct oversight, right?

But the trade-offs:

Recruitment takes time and money. Training them, ensuring they're up to speed, and the overheads can dent your finances.

And one marketer won’t cut it, you need an entire creative team to really make ads work.

Is the hefty investment and time worth it?

Option 3: Generic Agencies - The Impersonal Gamble

Choosing a big-name agency might seem safe. They're well-known, after all.

But the truth is:

  • They often spread themselves thin, juggling many accounts.
  • Some outsource to the cheapest contractors, sacrificing quality.
  • They might offer a range of services, but your specific needs can get lost in the mix, leading to subpar results.

The end result? 

High costs, with disappointing outcomes and lost opportunities. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Do you want generic or tailor-fit?

Option 4: The Expert Route - Precision and Passion Combined

Now, picture this: A team that gets your business, understands the nuances, and has the expertise to make the most of every ad dollar.

Partner with dedicated paid advertising specialists (like us!) who are laser-focused on your success.

Isn't it time your business had the expert touch it deserves?

The choice is yours, but remember: the right decision can make or break your business trajectory.

Ready to level up your advertising game?

Let’s discuss an "ROI-driven" strategy.

“Over the last 18 months, Lukas helped us build out multiple sales funnels for our different products and was then able to send a large number of leads into those funnels - at a very low cost per lead - through his paid advertising efforts.”

Corbi Stimmer, Head of Monetization - Train Effective

Audit Of Your Ad Account

Watch this video for a preview of what we'll do when we review your ad account on a free consultation. That's 12 minutes jam-packed with actionable advice. And if you want us to take a look at your account or implement a similar strategy, then go ahead and hit that button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with the free consultation?

Think of it as a friendly chat about your advertising goals, challenges, and priorities with an ad expert (that's me!). You’ll get personalised recommendations to improve current strategies and smash your goals. And if we’re a good fit for your advertising needs, we’ll discuss how we can join forces.

Is the consultation really free?

You bet! 100% free, no strings attached.

What industries do you work with?

My team and I have experience working with a wide range of industries, including software products, tech startups, eCommerce brands, consumer and B2B services. We’ll adapt our strategies to fit your unique needs.

Do you offer implementation and optimisation?

Absolutely! All projects include strategy and implementation. Once your ads are live, we’ll continuously split test and optimise them to ensure your campaigns continue to bring in leads, signups, and sales. 

Do you do the work yourself or outsource?

All work is done by myself and my team. If we don't know how to do it, we won't take on your project.

How soon can we expect to see results?

Most clients start seeing first results as soon as the ads go live or within a few days.

How much ad spend do we need?

What you need to budget for ad spend depends on the volume of results you would like to see. Number of results x cost per result = ad spend. That’s usually a minimum of £1k-£2k per month. And you might want to scale up to drive a higher volume of results and increase your returns. Our larger clients spend hundreds to thousands of £ per day.

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